FelixCAD 5.0

It's a robust Windows CAD system based on Graeberts first generation CAD engine
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FelixCAD LT is a robust Windows CAD system based on Graeberts first generation CAD engine, a solid tool put to the acid test.
Downloaded all over the world hundreds of thousand times, it helps students to create technical elaboration and occasional users to visualize their ideas, designs and plans in form of CAD drawings.
FelixCAD LT lets you work directly with billions of existing CAD drawings: it can directly open and edit drawings saved in DWG or DXF formats (from R2.5 to R2002) and save them in its native FLX drawing file format. This means you can work with billions of existing drawing files and blocks that currently exist in these industry standard formats.

FelixCAD LT features hundreds of commonly used 2D drawing and editing commands and functions available in other "light" CAD systems which cost money. It conforms to standards for layers, colors, blocks, line types, fonts, hatch patterns, and block support. You can reference external drawings.

FelixCAD LT supports simultaneous editing of multiple drawings at a time, with up to 4 separate views of each drawing and instant copying and pasting of an object between drawings.

The program’s interface can be configured as desired and comes with a menu and toolbar designed to deliver exceptional CAD productivity in a simple-to-learn environment. Besides its intuitive operational design, an extensive help system is available, letting even CAD-beginners get up and running right away.

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